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© 2018 Charlotte Jayne Dunne

ABOUT  charlotte

Charlotte is a semi-professional photographer, currently Liverpool based, with over nine years experience in diverse photography disciplines, together with an in depth knowledge of Photoshop and editing. Initially focussing on macro and still life, Charlotte’s works has evolved to now focus primarily on fine art photography, an approach she also happily lends to fashion and beauty portfolios.

At ease working on her own projects, Charlotte also enjoys the energy of shared creativity and working as part a team to help people realise a vision. Her ethos for both creative processes is to constantly create, evolve, and never “stand still”.

Her fascination with natural light, the way in which it can animate an image, add dynamism, is something Charlotte is constantly exploring and utilising. Her passion in this regard has made location shooting one of her strengths, Charlotte continually finding herself in “wonderful and bizarre places”. Undaunted by the elements, indeed harnessing them, has made her work connect to nature, using the
surroundings to best effect.

A feel for history, what the past can bring to the present, is something Charlotte injects into her work. What was once represented in paint on canvas, with the use of the lens, Charlotte encapsulates, merging contemporary, vintage and classical.